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Mindful, Empowering Nutrition Coaching

Let's find the right nutrition that works for you! My clients are people looking to build healthy and sustainable relationships with food...who are in it for the long term. As a coach, I'm your accountability buddy who you can build trust with and bounce ideas off of. I work with you wherever you are starting from.

We start with looking at your current lifestyle and habits, environment, and personality type (are you an obliger or questioner? Abstainer or moderator?) and work with your personal tendencies to develop a program that you can work with.

Having worked at a nutrition company that's all about macro coaching, I'll let you know right now that my approach is "whatever method works for YOU."

(while I do have experience with Whole30's, Paleo, Zone, Keto, Macro Counting, IIFYM & Flexible Dieting, Calorie Counting, Hand Portioning, and Intuitive Eating...we will find the right modifications for what you need.)

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Art of Barbell Nutrition Coaching


  • 1-hour Initial Consultation

    In this initial meeting, I will learn about who you are, and guide you in establishing your goals and habits. We will determine what metrics we want to use for your daily & weekly check-ins, as well as what type of nutritional program you want to follow. This can be an in-person chat, or a video conference call if you are remote.

  • Daily Check-Ins via True Coach App:

    Each day, you will check in with the metrics that we decide on in our meeting. Metrics may possibly include: Macros (if chosen) sleep quality, stress rating, body weight, hydration, workouts & movement, a habit or two of your choosing, and a daily summary of your nutrition.

  • Weekly Check-In via True Coach App:

    You will also have a longer weekly check-in where you will update your body measurements, talk about your wins and challenges for the week, upload progress photos, and let me know how your entire week went. Each week, we can adjust your nutrition program, keep it the same (if we need more information/consistency or if it’s working) and also update your habits and goals.

  • Weekly Check-In Response from Coach Snow (15 minute call optional!):

    Each week after you fill out your weekly check-in, I will get back to you within 24-hours with a response to your check-in to update you on your goals, answer any questions you may have, and help you out with any challenges or struggles you are facing and need resources for. I will respond to your weekly check-in so long as you complete it by Noon of the day after it is due. I will look at your daily check-in logs to see your progress throughout the week. 

  • Handouts & Resources:

    For any of the nutritional programs you choose, I can provide a PDF (or printable) packet of quick links and resources to help you out if needed, such as a quick guide to measuring macros or hand portioning, list of low FODMAP foods, pre/post-workout nutrition guidance, or similar. 

  • 30-minute Follow Up Meeting Every 2 Months (optional)

    At the end of your 2 months, we can schedule an optional in-person or video-call follow up meeting to review your progress and goals more in depth. 

  • 24-Hr Message/Response: 

    Within the TrueCoach app that I have you download, you have the ability to comment or send me messages for any quick advice or needs. Please allow up to 24 hours for me to get back to your message (often times I can respond sooner). 

Art of Barbell Nutrition Coaching


(to be determined based on our initial interview)


Food Quality Focus

(most clients may start here depending on experience)

This is the most basic level of nutritional adjustment. Don’t worry about portioning sizes here, we will simply focus on the types of foods you’re eating, as well as the quality of foods and consistency each day. We will start first with establishing 1-2 habits to keep each week that improve your overall health and quality of life (such as getting consistent 7-8 hours of sleep per night, getting necessary micronutrients or hydration, or simply creating mindfulness practices around meals.).

  • Pros: Most flexible and adaptable to long term skills; easier to estimate when eating out. Very little portioning or measuring needed - eat based on your intuition and hunger signals. Options available whether you cook at home or eat out. 
  • Cons: The loosest approach in terms of accuracy and rigidity. Can be harder to notice where adjustments affect your results. Body composition progress may take more time to notice depending on consistency of following the plan. 


Estimated Hand-Eye Portioning / Partial Measurement

No scales or measuring needed yet! This plan focuses more on estimating your food portions and meals throughout the day. You will still need to log and be mindful of what you are eating day to day with this method, but you will be making best-guesses and estimation based on meal composition. This level is only recommended if you have mastered Level 1 nutritional skills, as we will be utilizing similar skills and habits learned in Level 1.

  • Pros: Most flexible and adaptable to long term skills; easier to estimate when eating out. Focuses more on quality of foods and consistency in meal composition, and allows for a variety of food types. Allows you to "plan better" if you thrive more on having plans set in place.
  • Cons: Does require some preparation to ensure you have suggested food items available; Estimation does not provide the best accuracy if you want precise athletic performance, and it can be hard to gauge progress in a shorter period of time. 



Elimination-Style Approach

Looking to try a Whole30, Paleo or Keto style diet? Are you looking to avoid certain inflammatory foods (such as FODMAPS, or certain foods that cause trouble with auto-immune conditions?) This plan is for you! This level is only recommended if you have mastered Level 1 nutritional skills, as we will be utilizing similar skills and habits learned in Level 1.

  • Pros: Very straight forward and measurable - simply leave out or minimize the foods you don’t want, and eat more of the foods you want to include. This is a good way to determine what foods make you feel your best, and which foods don’t. 
  • Cons: Can be tricky when eating out depending on the types of foods you are choosing to eat less of in your diet. (I will help you find ways to navigate this). This approach can also feel restrictive, and may prompt you to label some foods as “good or bad.”



Strict Weighing & Measuring with Macros

Be the most accurate with your nutrition and progress through tracking your protein, fat, carbs and fiber based on grams. Goal is to meet your nutritional targets (or get close to them) each day. This level is only recommended if you have mastered Level 2 skills. 

  • Pros: Most consistent & accurate way to determine progress. Best for establishing quicker short-term progress and determining a good baseline for food portioning. Excellent choice for athletes looking to increase performance or maintain a particular weight class.
  • Cons: Can feel very restrictive or time consuming to record and measure accurately, can require a lot of meal planning and mindfulness with eating out. Definitely take caution if you have had any histories with orthorexia, eating disorders or similar experiences.

*This approach is for well informed athletes who are not afraid to hide any part of their experience in their check-ins with me and who can be totally upfront and honest about how they are feeling. This is key and important to maintaining your health and success (which is first and foremost a priority!)


Art of Barbell Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Program Pricing:

$160 / month  •  $450 / 4 months

(payment to be made prior to receiving coaching services for that month.)



  • A 1-hour initial consultation (phone or skype/facetime) with me. I'll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.
  • A profile / account set up for you in TrueCoach to do your check-ins
  • Weekly check-ins from me either via messaging or as a 15-minute call (as well as communication throughout the week if you need)
  • Handouts, infographics, visual resources and other resources from me to help you on your journey!
  • Optional 30 min Follow-up meeting with me every 2 months


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