Important Maternity Leave Update!

Currently on Maternity Leave!

Thank you for visiting my website! In order to make sure I am giving our new son the much needed time and care necessary for the first few weeks of his life, I will be taking a break from fulfilling product orders for apparel or greeting cards on through October 31st.

I am still fulfilling some things through my Etsy shop (just consolidating the number of places I need to check on orders), so feel free to browse there. I will be back with Holiday greeting cards and apparel orders after November 1st.

In the meantime, you can explore what I currently have up on my website:

Snatch Bottom Mobility program to improve your snatch and overhead squat mobility!

Beginner's Guide to Snatch

My Youtube Channel

Various blog articles about weightlifting and much more!

Follow me and my pregnancy / postpartum journey on instagram @artofbarbell_

I appreciate your patience and look forward to having you drop in again!




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