1-on-1 Coaching

Personal Training:

Looking for a personal trainer for strength, weightlifting, or conditioning in the Southern Oregon area?

Snow provides 1-on-1 personal training sessions to help you with your goals, ranging from weightlifting programming, strength and conditioning, and more! 

Email me at contact@artofbarbell to schedule a session! My schedule availability changes a little each week, so getting in touch with me is the best way to find the right time for you.

Sessions are held at CrossFit Inconceivable, 255 Helman St. Unit 5. Ashland, OR 97520.

Remote Coaching:

I also offer remote coaching for weightlifting depending on the frequency of your training and how often we connect! I provide you programming through the TrueCoach app, and you can upload and send me videos corresponding to your training.

Looking for specific weightlifting programming to fit your equipment and schedule availability? Many times, a lot of "pre-paid" cookie-cutter programs out there don't quite fit what your capabilities are, nor what your schedule or equipment availability allows. I inquire about your current needs and custom tailor a program to fit YOU! (and can tweak it as well within the month if you need it altered).

Video Analysis only (3 days/week): $50 / month
Programming + Video Analysis (3-4x / week): $115-$155/mo.

Contact me at contact@artofbarbell.com to inquire more about remote coaching options. 


After training for marathons and long distance triathlons, Snow fell in love with the barbell when she was introduced to CrossFit back in 2011. Snow wanted to combine her passion of fitness with her initial career as a (Graphic Design) teacher, helping everyone achieve goals and become better each day. Since then, Snow has taken numerous coaching courses and seminars and constantly looks for ways to help her clients move better, feel better, look better, and accomplish more than they thought possible.



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