Bulk Ordering Cards?

Looking to get over 50 cards? Over 100 cards?
Since I will be discontinuing providing printed cards to sell (from my own home office), I wanted to find a solution to help YOU find affordable, high quality and fast-shipping cards!
I have partnered with PrintsofLove.com to provide fast, high quality (and affordable!) printable card designs that you can order. I highly recommend them (compared to VistaPrint which tends to be a bit cheap quality-wise, and moo.com which is super high end pricey if you’re on a budget)
They ship your order in < 3 business days and offer 2-3 day FREE priority shipping so you’ll get them fast. All of my printable files are fit to their required template specifications. I have done multiple “test” orders from them and have been highly satisfied with their production.
Use Prints of Love if you plan to order 25+ of the same card (and you can get cards for < $1 each if you order over 100!). I recommend their gloss paper for budget, but their linen is pretty high end quality. 
If you use this linkhttps://printsoflove.com/power-snow-designs/ then a small percentage of your purchase actually goes back to help me! Prints of Love also has promo codes every now and then to get a percentage off your order so you can keep an eye out for those. 
Each printable file I have on my website uses their 4.25” x 5.5” OR 5x7” template. You will see a "Prints With Love Compatible" image in the listings that I have provided a compatible template. 
Prints With Love - PowerSnowDesigns
When using their A2 4.25” x 5.5” sizing and gloss stock (recommended), you can get 100 cards for under $1!

How it works:
1. Purchase any printable card listing from my website and download the PDF files
2. Visit THIS SPECIAL LINK and select your card/upload the PDF files - I have indicated the files with "PrintsOfLove" in the filename.
3. Purchase your printed cards through Prints of Love and they will ship the cards to you! 


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