WODitude Workout Journal

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WODitude = WOD with Gratitude and Attitude!

This printable journal is for those of you who like good ol' fashioned pen and paper and who like to leave tech and their phones away when focusing on mind and body during your precious hour of time.

Technology and phone apps continue to update and change all the time...but paper is classic. Imagine finding your pages 3-4 years from now from this journal in some packed away box and thinking "Wow, I can't believe I was only able to lift that weight in 2019...look at where I am now!"

I made this more than your typical workout journal - each page allows you to spend just a couple minutes reflecting on your workout. How often do we actually do this?

We often jump in and out of the gym without being mindful of what we've learned today and taking time to reflect on your experiences. This journal anchors you in alignment with your goals and continuously keeps you accountable for your progress.

• • CONTENTS • •

Digital PDF Planner includes:

- A5, Letter & Half Letter Pages for your notebook

- Pages to log workouts (whether they are daily or every couple of days)
- Goal setting sheets
- PRs and Benchmarks sheets


Please let me know if there are any pieces or pages you would love to see added to this journal! I am always open to making this what YOU need.



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