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Today's the day - and this printable planner will help get you going.

Perhaps you're just getting a real start on a journey towards your goals and need something to anchor you in place...a journal of some sorts that incorporates improving habits, mindfulness and tracking movement. 

Consistency, not perfection.

By using this journal each day to mindfully track how you're eating, to check off daily habits, and to log your what your movement is...you're on your way to keeping yourself much more accountable to your goals. 

Make your goals concrete. Write them down. Stay mindful and be present with you and your body.

• • CONTENTS • •

Digital PDF Planner includes:

- A5, Letter & Half Letter Pages for your notebook in a bright and fun color scheme

  • Daily meal logging pages with a daily gratitude & reflection page
  • Mindful eating daily meal tracking pages with more details to note about your eating each day (symptoms, feelings of hunger, mood and more)
  • Habit tracking pages - check off your habits each day!
  • Workout tracking pages to log your movement at a week's glance
  • Goal setting pages - write it down and let's get moving on them. 
  • Weekly and monthly meal planning pages, as well as a printable shopping list.

I also have this journal available in a more colorful scheme that is a bit more bright and vibrant. 

Please let me know if there are any pieces or pages you would love to see added to this journal! I am always open to making this what YOU need.



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