Top Gifts Ideas for Weightlifters

Need stocking stuffer ideas or gift ideas for weightlifters for Christmas? If you have a wife or husband who lifts weights, a significant other who loves snatches and clean and jerks, these are a list of gifts (many of them that I own myself) that are great ideas for gifts. 

I’ve separated these based on budget, with lowest cost ones at the top, and premium ones at the bottom. Hopefully you will find a gift idea here that works for you, or that inspires you to find something similar!

Gifts for Weightlifters
that are Under $20

Hook Grip Calf Height Socks for Weightlifting Christmas Gift Idea

Hook Grip Socks ($4-13)

SOCKS! Who doesn’t love a good pair of socks? Every weightlifter should have a pair of hook grip socks to support the awesome videos hookgrip makes of our elite lifters!

Thumb Tape Gift Idea for CrossFitters Weightlifters Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Thumb Tape ($5-10)

This is a huge must as a weightlifter - you can never have enough thumb tape (and in bright colors) - my favorite brands below are ones that stay sticky and mold around your finger with ease, staying flexible yet tacky for those barbells: 

Liftgenie Thumbtape ($5.50 / roll)
Average Bros Tape ($5)
Goat Tape ($9)

Tape rolls make excellent stocking stuffers for weightlifters, as well as these stickers!

Third Pull Apparel Super Simpson Stickers

Third Pull Apparel Stickers ($4)

I just love how Third Pull Apparel combines weightlifting with pop culture, popular TV shows, movie characters and cartoons. If your gift recipient is a total geek, there is definitely a sticker here he/she would appreciate.

Display of Weightlifting Badges / Certificates ($TBD)

If your significant other or friend has done a lot of lifting competitions, chances are he/she may have a lot of those badges, certificates or medals laying around. Think of a unique way to display them in an album, on a wall, or as a collage on a homemade coffee table! 

Weightlifting Greeting Cards by Art of Barbell Snow Charpentier CrossFit

Greeting Cards ($6)

If you're going to send a card, you might as well give one that resonates with your gift recipient! These weightlifting themed greeting cards are perfect for your coach, friend, significant other or colleague who loves putting kilos overhead.

Weightlifting Mugs ($10+):

If there’s anything weightlifters love, it’s their caffeine and coffee! Might as well get him/her a mug that’s fitting. While you’re at it, buy a bag of some locally roasted beans too.
Weightlifting Mug

If you want to give your lifter something to take on the road, this Zojirushi mug is AMAZING. It keeps coffee HOT for hours, easy to clean, and is not spill proof at all. I’ve lugged it around my bags, dropped it on the ground, and it stays secure.

A Relaxing Epsom Salt Bath ($9-17)

Give your love a relaxing epsom salt bath - epsom salt in particular is great for soothing those aching muscles and I highly recommend it for recovery or during your final taper week before a big meet. I love Dr Teals scents in particular - you can even make your way over to Target and get a bag for $9 or so to fill a tub.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Weightlifters CrossFit Stocking Stuffers Camera Tripod

Smart Phone Moldable Tripod ($13-16)

If you love taking videos of your own lifting, yet you’re always propping up that camera on the nearest shoe or a collar, get a tripod! 

I own this tripod that has bendable legs, which you can wrap around anything to get the angle you want! It does come with a remote (although I use my watch sometimes or just awkwardly walk into the camera.)

Gifts for Weightlifters
Between $20 – $40

Earth Fed Muscle Pre Workout Christmas Gift Idea

Earth Fed Muscle Protein, ZMA or Stacks! ($20+)

Gift the gift of supplements! (following a pretty good diet already, though who doesn't love new protein powder?). I love Earth Fed Muscle’s quality ZMA for getting enough magnesium at night for sleep and have been using it for years. Their pre-workout is one of the cleanest ones out there too with few ingredients (I love the lemon lime). I personally don't consume whey protein anymore though they also have several great flavors that I've had (back when I did). If you would like to gift a dairy-free option, Equip Foods Grass-fed Beef Isolate or Vital Proteins Collagen are two great alternatives to gift to an athlete.

By the way, receive 15% off Earth Fed Muscle stuff with that link!

Weightlifting Straps ($20)

Every lifter loves to have a back up pair of straps in every bag. Note that weightlifting straps are structured different from powerlifting straps in that you do not have to loop the “end” through to wrap it around your wrist - there is less fabric which makes the straps less bulky. 100% cotton straps are less slippery than those nylon straps!
Strong Strong Supply California Roll Knee Wraps Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gift Idea for Weightlifters

Knee Sleeves / Wraps ($30+)

My FAVORITE knee wraps are the Strong Strong Supply California Rolls - I used to wear the neoprene sleeves but found that they always slipped - with knee wraps, you can wrap them to fit any varying leg size or compression because they are adjustable! The are also easier to store as well rolled up in a little roll.

Unicorn Snatching Weightlifting Gym T-shirt

A Weightlifting T-shirt! ($20+)

There are SO many shirts out there..some of them are bound to spark the interest of your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife. I love the shirts from Third Pull Apparel, Barbells & Ponytails, Belle & Bell

Psst. I also have some of my own designed shirts as well on my website! 

Weightlifting Jewelry ($20+)

If you search on etsy, there are TONS of barbell and bumper plate charms all over. If your girlfriend, lady lifter friend or wife loves jewelry trinkets, you’ll definitely find something special there.
Klean Kanteen water bottle gift idea for weightlifters

Waterbottle that is Leakproof, Stainless Steel and Durable!

If you don’t own a 32oz Klean Kanteen ($25+)  or Hydroflask Bottle ($45), these are the ones to get (or gift!)

I received a Klean Kanteen as a gift a few years back and loved it, so I went and bought my husband the same water bottle for his Birthday as a gift last year... and he carries it everywhere! These stainless steel bottles are known to be super durable and long lasting, and the stainless steel interior keeps my hot tea HOT and his ice cold water COLD. These higher-end water bottles are not usually something that we gift to ourselves, but they make excellent gifts to receive from someone else!

Decent Tupperware! ($25+)

This might seem like a sidetrack, but if your weightlifting friends love to meal prep, then they will appreciate having quality tupperware for their pre and post-workout meals. I love the Glasslock ones (compared to pyrex) because of their snap lids that don’t crack, their durability, stackability, and sizes which are perfect for meal portions.

Gifts For Weightlifters Above $50

p-knot roller christmas gift idea for weightlifters

P-Knot Roller ($50)

The P-knot mobility tool is hands down the BEST mobility investment I have made - it’s small enough to travel with yet larger (and more forgiving) than a double-lacrosse ball to target those larger muscle groups. This roller is firmer than a foam roller so it can really dig into your quads, hips, hamstrings, shoulders and back more effectively. I’ve used rumble rollers, grid foam rollers and lacrosse balls and found this the most useful.  Definitely make the investment in this - you will not regret it!

Barbella Box Gift Ideas for Weightlifters

Barbella Box Gift Card or Subscription ($50)

Although targeted towards CrossFitters, the Barbella Box has some amazing fun items that weightlifters love too (think apparel, food & gear). Get your wife or girlfriend a 1-month subscription to a surprise box.

Apparel Gift Cards ($50+)

(You can really gift as much as you want, but those $100 leggings though...)

Who doesn’t love lululemon, Born Primitive or Athleta gift cards?

Spa Day / Massage Day ($50+)

Gift your lifter a massage or a couple hours at a spa & sauna for recovery! This is pretty self explanatory - a lot of times people won’t buy something like this for themselves so it’s always a lovely treat to get!

snort life singlets cortney bachelor custom weightlifting singlets

Fun Custom Weightlifting Singlets ($90+)

I LOVE Cortney Bachelor’s line of Snort Life Singlets - she has many in-stock varieties, but also makes custom ones too! Ditch the old-school wrestling singlets. Make a splashing appearance on the platform in a singlet that you LOVE.

Air Fryer Greeting Card by Art of Barbell

Instant Pot or Air Fryer ($50-$100+)

Most lifters are also into prepping their meals, so if they don't have either a slow cooker, an Instant Pot or an Air Fryer yet, then that's a superb idea.

king kong bag weightlifting gift idea

King Kong Bag ($105+)

I bought my husband (who lifts weights) a King Kong bag about 5 years ago and, there’s a reason why it’s THE bag that people rave out. It’s still going strong! It’s one of his favorite gym bags to hold everything imaginable. He holds at least two pairs of shoes, belts, wraps, showering stuff, change of clothes, tape, and more. There are so many little pockets too for those keys and phone. The bag comes in fun colors too like red, teal and pink. 

Weightlifting Shoes ($100 – $250)

What isn’t a good Weightlifting Christmas list without a new shiny pair of weightlifting shoes on here? 

Velaasa Strake Christmas Gift Idea

The Velaasa Strake has been pretty popular lately, being sported by athletes such as Kate Nye or Jocelyn Forest. Adidas & Nike also make great shoes. (I love my own Romaleos!)


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